Sunday, March 1, 2009


Cts is proving to be a lot harder nut to crack than I thought. The reason for this is because, (surprise surprise) I suck;-). Funny thing is I can't even recall problems rated 1900+ right, somehow my mind just tricks me to focus on different aspects on a position and afterwards I can only wonder how I didn't see the obvious right away...
This "head banging" and reading about other bloggers trying to master "the art of visualization" gave me an idea that I should try visualization as well. So I'll try reading some games on "blindfolded guess a move mode" and solve tactics blindfolded. Maybe cts would go better if I could understand the piece relations and filter out the unwanted noise in positions...

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  1. It is inspiring to see someone trying hard to master the game of chess... I know you have worked harder on chess improvement than I have lately as my time is mostly taken by this one MMORPG game, lol.