Monday, February 9, 2009

Another historic landmark

Yep, I finally did it. It only took me 10 years to complete this task but it really was worth it...
I've read a chess book from the very first sentence to the very last one and the book was De la Maza's "rapid chess improvement".
Content of the book was pretty much what I thought, a typical selfhelp book with a flavour of chess in it, but funnily it made me think a bit (it almost allways happens when one rejects something e.g. "I ain't going to drink my own piss, why would I?"). So for that reason I'll rate this book as best chess book I have ever read, (of course I could also rate it as the only chess book I've ever...).

Here's yet another interesting post on "general improvement", like there isn't enough of those allready. ;-)


  1. Amazing, in ten years you have been able to go through one chess book! No wonder that your rating at FICS is less than admirable...

  2. I've read the introduction from Silman's HTRYC many times... I think that it has also added some points to my magnificient rating...