Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Circles 4

I'll have to modify my "circles" plan a bit. To this day I've at least tried to solve an exercise before looking up the answer. From now on, I'll just look it up instantly. So I move from delayed cheating to cheating...
I need somekind of forward "flow" and these "circles" aren't providing it (my retardedness may have something to do with it...).
So understanding goes to backseat and speed/accuracy/memorization takes the driver's seat...

"...if you don't improve fast enough the experience will be so painful that you probably will not want to play chess at all after a while..." IM Ignacio Marin


  1. I guess the way your going through those exercises keeps those exercises fresh, thus keeping the motivation to do those exercises longer.

    PS I don't think you are retarded... ;-)